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Why get your Cell Phone Repaired?

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WiGoClinic - Cell Phone Repair Shop is the largest cell phone repair service in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. WiGoClinic stocks more than 3,500 parts in our shop. Our techs are trained, experienced and ready to help you get your cell phone or smartphone fixed quickly. Most repairs can be completed while you wait.

Our shops are easy to get to by car or by Metro and we offer FREE parking. 

WiGoClinic - FAIRFAX is located on Lee Hwy (Rt. 29) in the Merrifield section of Fairfax County, near BMW of Fairfax and the big Merrifield Post Office. We are within walking distance of the Dunn Loring Metro station. Park in front and walk right in.

WiGoClinic - ARLINGTON is located in the Courthouse area of Arlington, near Wilson Grill and across from Five Guys. We are only 2 blocks from the Courthouse Metro Station. FREE parking in back!

WiGoClinic - LOUDOUN is located inside of the Wireless-Zone store in South Riding Market Square near the intersection of Rt. 50 & Loudoun County Pkwy. Look for us near the Home Depot & Giant Food.


You can visit our shop anytime Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 7PM. We are closed on Sunday. We have free parking at all of our shops. We offer a comfortable waiting area for you and fun play area for your small children.


In addition to cell phone repair WiGoClinic offers many accessories for you cell phone. We well known for high quality cases and bluetooth for handsfree. We are one of the only stores in the area to sell unlocked GSM phones for use with AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile or any GSM carrier in the world.

WiGoClinic Fairfax
WiGoClinic -- Fairfax, VA Location
WiGoClinic Arlington
WiGoClinic -- Arlington, VA Location

WiGoClinic FAQ


Q. Why Get my phone fixed? Why not just buy a new phone?

A. Great question, and one we get every day. There are many reasons to go with a repair over a replacement. Let me address a few:

- It's cheaper than buying a new phone. If you can't renew your service contract a new phone could cost you "out of contract" anywhere from $500 - $800. Most of our repairs are under $100.

- No new service contract. Even if you can sign a new service contract (normally 2 years) you might not want to or you might want to wait for a phone/smartphone you really want.

- The environment. That's right, why not be a little green?! Cell phones have some metals in them that are NOT earth friendly. If you don't get it fixed at least drop it off for recycling.


Q. Will it take a long time for my repair? It might be faster just to get a new phone.

A. It won't take a long time at all. Many of our repairs can be done in less than an hour. Industry surveys show that the average new phone purchase takes an hour to an hour and a half.


Q. Can you do the repair instantly? I can't live without my phone for one second!

A. No problem, and no we can't we do it instantly, we're human. We can offer you a loaner phone while we are working on your phone ($10 rental fee).


Q. I saw that a guy on craigslist can come to my house and fix my phone. Is this a good idea?

A. Craigslist is great for some things, but do you really think some kid on craigslist is qualified to work on an expensive iPhone or Blackberry?! If he breaks it do you really think he'll come back? We have certified techs in a location that you can find again.